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At Family Moving & Storage, we know that when it comes to a mover, Maricopa residents have options. We also know that our moving service is unmatched.

For the Best Service, Move with Us!

While the movers down the street may have just opened for business last year, we have served this area with a smile since 1992. Though other moving companies may answer the phone in a hurried manner, we are dedicated to professional customer service.

We are the right choice for your next move.

Dependable Movers

You need peace of mind when working with a moving company. That only comes from working with professional people who know what they are doing, and from working with people whose business situation is secure.

In addition to being courteous professionals, we are fully insured and bonded movers. Contact us when you need moving pros who care.

People Who Put Quality above All Else

The mover who will get your things where you need them to go safely and securely is the mover you need, and Family Moving & Storage is that mover. We place quality above everything else.

We are expert, we are professional and we are courteous. Our customers tell us repeatedly that those things matter to them. We are happy to oblige. It is in our nature.

You Need a Flexible Schedule and We Have It

Moving is not something you do every day. It has its own special set of demands, and it requires that you have a flexible schedule. We provide flexibility in our schedule to ensure that it easily agrees with yours.

If your move has to happen during unusual hours for a move, then we will make it happen at those hours.

Moving Does Not Have to Be a Hassle

Too often, moving overwhelms people. Your moving company should never be overwhelmed by your move. We have the experience, planning abilities and skills to remove hassle from your project. Think of us as your hassle-free movers!

We Can Handle Any Move

Here is a list of just some of the mover’s services we offer:

  • Cross-town moves
  • Cross-country moves
  • Transport of automobiles
  • Short-term storage
  • Long-term storage

We offer all of our moving services with a smile! You will find we are downright enthusiastic. With us, helping people and businesses move is a passion.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

Now that you know who we are and what we do, we welcome you to reach out to us for a quote. We will gladly provide you with an itemized, no-obligation, free estimate for your moving project.

Get Ready for the Easiest Move of Your Life!

Once your move is scheduled with us, we will make it an easy experience for you. Your moving project with Family Moving & Storage will be your life’s easiest move.