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For more than two decades, when they have needed movers, Luke AFB’s servicemen and women have relied on Family Moving & Storage. We will move you in a timely and professional manner.

You Serve Our Country, and You Deserve to Move without Hassles

We appreciate your dedication to serving our country. Count on us to move you to your new home whether you are moving to Luke or another base. We can also help you move back home after your time in the service is complete.

Move with the Best

For every move, we are your best option. We love moving people! We have a passion for all aspects of the moving industry.

Hire Courteous Professionals

Other moving companies may deal with you in a hurried fashion. You will find all of as at Family Moving & Storage courteous and professional. We deliver polite customer service with every box we lift.

Choose the Movers with Enthusiasm and Experience

Our family founded this moving company in 1992. With the experience we possess from thousands of moving projects, our enthusiasm for helping people get to their new homes remains high.

Pick Efficient Movers

Not only are we experienced and enthusiastic, we are efficient. You work in a field where efficiency is crucial. We relate.

We do not dawdle. We deliver!

Move on Your Schedule

While other movers may be more rigid, we maintain a flexible schedule for our customers’ convenience. This enables us to serve you at the hours that make the most sense for your move.

We Are a Full-Service Moving Company

Some moving companies limit the services they will perform. We can perform practically every type of residential moving service under the sun. Those that we cannot perform, we can facilitate.

Our list of services includes:

  • Moves in the area
  • Moves to another air force base
  • Post-discharge moves back to your hometown
  • Short-term storage
  • Long-term storage
  • Transport of automobiles

We would happily perform any of these moving services for you.

For a Free Estimate, Contact Us!

Are you ready to find out more? Use our quote-request form on this page or give us a call. We will reply with a detailed, no-obligation estimate for every service your moving project will need.

It would be our dearest pleasure to help you move.

Whether you choose us or not, thank you for your service!